Jun 5, 2023

JMC Participates in Recharge MA

 JMC was recently received a certificate for participation in Recharge MA through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This was given in recognition of JMC's achievements in vehicle electrification throughout 2022.

Recharge MA specifically focuses on boosting the adoption of EV charging stations across the state of Massachusetts. The goal of Recharge MA is to, "Build on the promise that one of the best ways to boost EV adoption is to harness lessons learned from each other." 

Recharge MA held a symposium at UMass Boston for participants "... to exchange lessons learned and celebrate achievements from the past year in extending electric vehicle (EV) and charge station adoption." According to the Symposium Report, industry leaders spoke about the importance of making EV stations an accessible opportunity for regions across the state.

EV Charging Station at Union & West

The JMC Energy Committee has made a commitment to add more EV charging stations to the portfolio and we look forward to continued participation for Recharge MA throughout 2023!

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