Jan 28, 2022

Winter Activities

 Although the hype of Winter slowly starts to decline after the Holidays, we have to remember to take advantage of all the unique activities that this snowy season provides. Our properties are spread throughout New England which makes it easy to do some exciting day trips to experience new adventures near and far. 

Venture to Lincoln, NH

Halstead Manchester is just 77.4 miles away from Lincoln, NH which makes for an easy hour long trip to a location fit for everyone to enjoy. Lincoln is home to the popular ski resort, Loon Mountain. This mountain has beautiful sunny trails perfect for beginner and expert skiers and riders. However, if skiing is not for you, Loon Mountain also offers snow tubing for all ages day and night. Start the morning at Flapjacks to fuel you up before you hit the slopes and be sure to make a stop at the Paul Bunyan Room for some après beverages to close out the day. Looking to stick around for dinner? Check out the Common Man or Black Mtn. Burger Co. before making the trek home. 

Plate of eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, and cup of coffee on table

Gondola and Loon Mountain Club Hotel

Looking for something a little more niche than a day on the mountain? Check out the Ice Castles in North Woodstock, the next town over from Lincoln. This is an extraordinary winter wonderland full of activities with walking trails, tunnels, slides, and sleigh rides. 

Ice Castle lit up in blue and green

Man steering sleigh pulled by horses

Woman going down ice slide

Keep it Local

You may not think that there's much to do in South Boston once the weather gets cold, but residents of 26 and 50 West Broadway have more options than they may think. For those looking to stay in the heart of South Boston, consider going to free skating offered at the DCR Murphy Memorial Rink. Don't have your own pair of skates? Not to worry, the rink provides rental skates at an affordable price. Get your group of friends or family together to enjoy this local gem!

People skating at the public rink in South Boston

26 and 50 West Broadway are situated just minutes away from downtown Boston which gives residents a variety of options to explore everything the city has to offer. If you're new to the Boston area you have to check skating on Frog Pond off your bucket list. This is the most quintessential activity to do here in the Winter, no matter how cold it may be. After skating you can take a stroll around the snow-covered Common and make your way over to Tatte Bakery and Café to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Bakery display inside of Tatte cafe

If you don't think you can brave the weather, check out one of Boston's many famous museums. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Children's Museum, the Museum of Science, The Institute of Contemporary Art, or Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, all of which boast of variety of different artistic tastes. 

Children playing in Boston Children's Museum exhibit

Seeking a Challenge?

Parkside Commons, Lynnfield Commons, and Shrewsbury Commons are all located within 30 miles of the Natick Mall which just opened up Level99. Level99 challenges their "... guests to compete and collaborate both physically and mentally in over 40 different themed challenge rooms, PvP competitions, and artistic [scavenger] Hunts." Take an afternoon trip to explore these one-of-a-kind competitions and see how far you can level up!

People doing a room challenge with neon strings at Level99

People climbing walls in challenge room at Level99

For Those Wanting to Try Something New

Station Row is just four minutes away from one of the most unique winter activities in Providence, Rhode Island. BankNewport City Center is home to the popular bumper cars on ice! This local attraction puts an extra spin on the traditional carnival bumper cars. Don't miss out on this opportunity as Providence is one of only three cities in the country with ice bumper cars. 

People in bumper cars on ice with city of Providence in background

Head to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence for half-price admission throughout January and February. This is the perfect activity to look at all of those cute animals while staying warm! This zoo is easily accessible from several locations as it is just a 12 minute drive away from Station Row, a 24 minute drive from One Wall Street and Renaissance Station North, and just a 40 minute drive from Union & West.  

Advertisement of animals at the Roger Williams Park Zoo
Popular Winter Exhibit at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Do You Believe Hoppiness is in a Glass?

Boston is the perfect place for any lover of craft beer. MetroMark is located just one mile away from a Boston staple, the Samuel Adams Brewery. Get the real taste of Boston through a tour and taproom experience at the headquarter location. Although trying the Boston Lager is a must, Sam Adams has several seasonal beers such as Cold Snap and the Fireside White Ale, best paired with a Bavarian pretzel of course! If you want to expand your palette even more, be sure to build your own flight. 

Samuel Adams Brewery Jamaica Plain, MA

South Boston is known for the beloved Castle Island which inspired the new Castle Island Brewery. The team claims, "We are professional party animals, purveyors of positive vibes, and a whole lotta love." How could you not want to be apart of that? This is a unique Boston beer company that loves giving back just as much as it loves exuding positive vibes. Castle Island Brewery started the 'Fiver Initiative' which is, "... a charitable giving program supported by global sales of Fiver, our year-round Hazy IPA. For every giving year- the period from December 1st through November 30th- we contribute five percent of all sales of Fiver directly to the program, with proceeds split evenly among five charities at the end of the year." This is a great local company to support and it's only a six minute walk from 26 and 50 West BroadwayCastle Island Brewery also has a second location in Norwood, MA which is just 4.5 miles away from Union & West, 6 miles from The Sto, and 7.9 miles away from Oxford and Essex Apartments

Castle Island Brewery South Boston, MA

Castle Island Brewery Fiver Hazy IPA

Trillium Brewing Company is another popular option with several locations throughout the Boston area. Check out Trillium's year-round locations in Fenway and Fort Point. The company most recently opened up another taproom with a full service restaurant in Canton, MA. All of our apartment complexes in Weymouth- Weymouth Commons, Stone Run East, The Mastlight, MIO, Southfield Commons, and The Ledges, are all within a 15 mile drive of this unique experience. Adams Village is a quick 15 minute drive away so you can easily quench your thirst on a Friday night. Trillium is a special brand as it focuses on using the most sustainable products to craft the most diverse beer selection in the Boston area. 

Trillium Brewing Company's Summer Location on the Rose Kennedy Greenway

Do you want your next home to be close to unique experiences? Take a look at our John M. Corcoran & Company website to see which apartment community is right for you!

Jan 21, 2022

Top Picks from Corcoran Staff: TV Series and Movie Edition

Are you looking to spice up your TV and movie selections to get through these cold Winter days? Look no further! Our staff here at John M. Corcoran & Company has plenty of options to offer up. Some of our employees reported in their very own top picks across several different genres that will give you some variety on your big screen.

Comedy and Reality- The Best Combination

Patricia from our Accounting Department reveals that she loves a good laugh when it comes to her favorite movies. She said, "... one of my most favorites that never gets old to me is The Hangover, The Hanover Part II, and The Hangover Part III..." and she loves them, "... because this is something that CAN happen in real life and how they go through so much craziness to find their friends...," by backtracking to discover what happened the night before which leads to even more wild adventures. Check out HBO Max, Apple TV, Prime Video to experience the shenanigans of the notorious wolf pack.

Gif of man with missing tooth asking, "Hey, Phil am I missing a tooth?" from the Hangover

Patricia also loves a good reality TV show and she's really digging TLC's 90 Day Finance: The Other Way. She says, "... it's about Americans finding love in foreign countries and are willing to move out there to be with their significant others. It shows not only how much 'not in love' they are... [but] also opens their eyes about life in other countries and how hard it can be to survive out there, and of course, plenty of drama between them, their friends and family members..." 

90 Day Finance: The Other Way ad with a couple holding hands in front of the Taj Mahal

Drugs, Deception, and Drama

Dan, Property Manager of Faxon Commons, jumped in with a new Hulu series called Dopesick. He states, "It's a true story about the opioid epidemic/addiction crisis back in the 1990's. Really interesting. Basically, the Health Care Industry and sales reps recklessly marketed painkillers and downplayed the risk of addiction." This mini series reveals the irony behind an industry that is supposed to heal people, not harm them. Dopesick exposes the daily struggles that so many distressed Americans faced with drug addiction thanks to the actions of Purdue Pharma. Watch this series to experience the different points of view from the Drug Enforcement Administration, to Purdue Pharma, and the addicts who ultimately suffered the consequences of this epidemic. 

Cast of Dopesick TV show

Something Short and Sweet 

Grace from Marketing says that, "Apple TV's Ted Lasso is not one to miss. This two season series is one of the most feel-good shows I have ever watched, it is simply a delight! The show is set in the quaint town of Richmond, England where American coach Ted Lasso takes over a British football club. However, this series comes with a twist as Lasso has only coached American football and knows nothing about the game of soccer. However, his enthusiastic spirit wins everyone over and gives the British football fans some hope for their beloved team. I love this show because all of the actors play such unique roles that leave you rooting for all of them in different ways. This light-hearted sports comedy-drama gives you feelings of warmth, optimism, and happiness. Ted Lasso's kindness is unmatched and I cannot wait to see more of it in season three." 

Jason Sudeikis holding British flag tea cup as character Ted Lasso
footballers touching "Believe" sign in locker room from Ted Lasso

An Oldie but A Goodie

Jeanmarie from Compliance says one of her favorite movies of all-time is the original Back to the Future. She summarizes it as, "... a science fiction film with the main character, Marty McFly, (played by Michael J. Fox) a 17-year-old high school student, who is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his close friend, the eccentric scientist Doc Brown... Marty must find a way to convince Doc that he is from the future, reunite his parents, and ultimately get back to the future. It's one of those wholesome, feel-good movies that is so entertaining, no matter what age you are!" 
Back to the Future's Doc Brown sitting in the time-traveling DeLorean talking to Marty crouched down next to him

Jan 10, 2022

Tips to Conquer the Cold

It officially feels like Winter here in Massachusetts after the first major snowfall last week. However, we are about to face the coldest week yet. It is important to properly prepare for these cold New England months, especially with temperatures dropping down to the single digits this week. Here are some tips to keep you and your home safe this Winter!

Snow covered trees outside of Station Row in Providence, RI
Station Row in Providence, RI

  • We all love lighting a fresh new candle on a cold night, but you should never leave lit candles unattended
  • Consider purchasing a floor mat or shoe tray to dry off wet shoes and to keep them out of shared hallways
3 pairs of boots on mat

  • Make sure you have a functioning flashlight and extra batteries in the event of a power outage
  • Consider buying a portable charger for your phone to maintain a longer battery life during a power outage
Red, yellow, green, and blue flashlights                Phone plugged into portable charger

  • Notify someone if you are traveling for several days so your apartment home can be checked on if a storm occurs while you are away
  • If traveling for several days, leave your sink cabinet doors open to prevent freezes in your pipes, especially if the sink is on an exterior wall
  • Set your thermostat to a minimum of 60 degrees
  • Make sure you have the maintenance and emergency maintenance phone numbers saved in your phone in case you get locked out of your home during harsh winter weather
  • Please be mindful of communications from leasing and management staff of procedures for winter weather and storms via email, door notices, and/or resident apps
  • Be aware of where you park. Relocate your car if instructed to do so or if it will obstruct snow removal by a plow truck
Man and Car covered in snow
  • Always keep a two-day supply of food and water before a snow storm to prevent driving or walking in poor conditions
  • Always wear suitable clothing and footwear for snow and icy conditions
Snowman with a hat and scarf on
  • Please notify the property staff if you see icicles above door entries so they can be removed as soon as possible
  • If you have a dog, consider buying booties for him as the salt can be harsh on those paws
Dog running through the snow with booties on

If you see employees shoveling or sanding the community please remember to thank them! It is always  nice to show our appreciation as they work extremely hard to keep us all safe. 

Two employees shoveling after the first snow storm
The Heights Amesbury's "Storm Team 2022" Instagram Post