May 4, 2022

Seizing New Opportunities

Thank you to everyone who participated in the blog trivia question! The question asked how many permanent positions Kelli Ahearn-Lucas has had since she started with JMC & Co with bonus points if you could list all of the properties she has worked at over the years. Kelli has had a grand total of 10 permanent positions at JMC & Co and she held these across 9 different properties! She was a Leasing Consultant, North Shore Floater, and North Shore Floater at Quincy CommonsWeymouth Commons, Cliffside Commons, and Southfield Commons. She was the Property Manager at the Residences on BroadwayMetroMark ApartmentsStation Row ApartmentsRedbrook Apartments, and Station Square. Her current role is the Leasing and Marketing Manager at the corporate office. 

John M. Corcoran & Company is thrilled to have commenced construction on a 372,000 sf site. This site will feature a Class A High Bay distribution facility in Lunenburg, MA. This project is a new and unique opportunity for JMC & Co to take advantage of as a non-residential development. 

construction site for 372,000 sf distribution facility
Construction Underway 

According to a recent post on by ARCO National Construction Company on LinkedIn, "The project comes in response to unprecedented demand for industrial assets in the greater Boston market as record-setting low vacancy rates and speed to market demands from tenants are resulting in an increasing number of developments taking place on a speculative basis."  

site plan of distribution site
Site Plan

This 30 acre site will feature 71 dock positions, 2 drive-in doors, a solar-ready roof structure, and the capacity for future EV charging stations upon completion. We look forward to seeing the transformation of this expansive land into a high functioning facility.

Rendering of distribution facility with landscaping
Building Rendering 

Rendering of distribution facility with landscaping
Building Rendering

TRIVIA: What property was the last winner of the Game of Phones trophy in 2019?

Apr 22, 2022

JMC & Co Employees On the Move!

 Thank you to everyone who participated in the previous trivia question! As a reminder, the question asked to guess which 3 members of the maintenance members from the 1981 team are still employed with us today. The 3 members are: Gary Saltmarsh, Tom Atchison, and Dennis Nawn. Check out the photo below revealing each member! 

1981 maintenance staff group photo
Top Right: Gary Saltmarsh, Bottom Left: Tom Atchison, Bottom Right: Dennis Nawn

JMC & Co Employees On the Move!

Here at JMC & Co we enjoy watching our employees grow in their careers which is why we advocate to promote from within. Encouraging our employees to be confident in their abilities and skills is an integral part of the company culture at JMC & Co as it inspires our staff to take the next step in their careers. We are happy to announce that several of our staff members are 'on the move' and ready to take on the next challenge in their new positions at JMC & Co!

Joanne Russo recently assumed the role as the Property Manager at MetroMark Apartments in Jamaica Plain. Joanne has significant experience in this role and we are excited to see everything she accomplishes at this community. 
Joanne Russo standing in front of swimming pool
Joanne Russo

Doanh Vo, Maintenance Technician at MetroMark, has just been promoted to Maintenance Manager at the property! Walter Marroguin is also making the shift to join Doanh at MetroMark as a Maintenance Technician. Joanne, the leasing staff, Doanh, and Walter will certainly make a great new team!

We wish to congratulate Anna Nasab on her promotion to Property Manager at Munroe Place in Quincy. We are confident in her ability to take on this position with her extensive experience as an Assistant Manager at Village Green

Anna Nasab standing
Anna Nasab

Darion Cooper is also on the move as he recently accepted the Property Manager position at Union & West located in Walpole. We are excited to see what Darion will bring to this community in his next chapter with JMC & Co.
Headshot of Darion Cooper
Darion Cooper

Pamela Mezzetti has been promoted from Rental Manager to Assistant Property Manager at Halstead Manchester. Pam joined the leasing team at Halstead Manchester in 2019 and we are proud to celebrate her growth in her short time here.
Pam Mezzetti standing in front of swimming pool
Pam Mezzetti

We are happy to announce Mihaily Desir's promotion from Leasing Consultant to Assistant Property Manager at The Commons at SouthField. We cannot wait to see all of your future achievements in this role!
Mihaly Desir sitting next to bouquet of flowers
Mihaily Desir

Congratulations to all of our JMC & Co employees who are moving onto the next stages of their careers with us! We are incredibly proud of everything you have accomplished thus far and we cannot wait to see you continue to thrive in your new positions.

TRIVIA: Kelli Ahearn-Lucas is currently the Leasing and Marketing Manager in the corporate office, however she has worn many hats during her time here at JMC & CoDo you know how many permanent positions Kelli has had since she started? Bonus points if you can also list all of the properties!

Apr 8, 2022

Spring Safety and Grounds Meeting

 Thank you for all the contributions to the last trivia question! It stated, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 has been amended twice to bring us to our current 7 Federally protected groups. Can you name all 7 federally protected groups? Bonus: Can you list the years in which these groups were added? The 7 federally protected groups are: Race (1968), Color (1968), National Origin (1968), Religion (1968), Sex (1974), Familial Status (1988), and Disability Status (1988). 

Conference Room with attendees

The corporate office in Braintree held the annual Spring Safety and Grounds Meeting on Thursday, April 7th for our maintenance managers, property managers, portfolio directors, and regional managers. Gary Saltmarsh, Director of Maintenance Operations, prepared an enjoyable and informative day for our employees. 

John M. Corcoran & Company prides itself in our curb appeal, especially when it comes to flowers! Our arborist, Marc Colburn, has created a fantastic rotation of flower selections to be planted starting in the Spring months and all the way into the Fall so our properties always look fresh and beautiful with color. Marc covered best practices when it comes to rotating these plant selections throughout the seasons to keep all of our communities in tip-top shape.

Maintenance Picture station sign and table for badge pick up

The meeting also covered an extensive set of safety measures to ensure our maintenance teams are properly educated and trained across the portfolio. Gary spoke about the importance of our Environmental Health and Safety Policy,

Mar 21, 2022

Compliance Attends NAHMA Affordable Housing Conference

Thank you for the contributions to last week's trivia! The question asked, what is the saying to remember DQWNAFS when speaking to prospects on the phone? Bonus: List the all of the words associated with DQWNAFS! The answer is Dairy Queen Who Needs A Frappe Soon. The words associated are: Description, Qualifying, Website, Needs, Appointment, Follow-up, and Source. 

Fern Mullen, Program Compliance Manager, recently traveled to Washington, D. C. to attend the NAHMA Top Issues in Affordable Housing Conference at the Fairmont Washington hotel. NAHMA stands for National Affordable Housing Management Association. According to the NAHMA website, it, "is the leading voice for affordable housing management, advocating on behalf of multifamily property managers and owners whose mission is to provide quality affordable housing." 

NAHMA logo

Fern learned about several crucial affordable housing topics throughout the three day conference. She heard about the Certification Review Board that oversees NAHMA programs and these speakers discussed the importance of professional ethics. Fern also heard from the Membership & Marketing Committee with speakers who recommended policies and procedures regarding NAHMA membership.

Fern's favorite session was Pearl Meyer's presentation on "Hiring, Training, and Maintaining Staff During these Challenging Times". She said that, "... the challenges we face in New England are not unique across the country. Challenges with staffing, the work load and getting in units to perform maintenance in a Covid world," are issues that everyone has struggled with.  

Fern also took advantage of the beautiful city of Washington D.C. Check out this amazing photo of her on a sunrise walk to the Lincoln Memorial!

Mar 17, 2022

Connoisseurs of Resident Engagement, Support, and Satisfaction

Thank you for the trivia submissions! The trivia question on the previous blog asked, how many gallons of water does replacing typical sink faucets with water sense model faucets save per year? The answer is 700 gallons! This fun fact was featured in the "Clean and Green Energy Efficiency" blog post. 

Connoisseurs of Resident Engagement, Support, and Satisfaction 

We are keeping the spirit of Employee Appreciation alive here at John M. Corcoran & Company! This week we are highlighting some of the most important players in the field- our Leasing Consultants and Resident Services Coordinators! Everyone knows that these employees have an extremely meaningful impact on the resident experience. Our staff is invested from the initial contact with prospects, to the move-in process, and beyond. Our leasing consultants and resident coordinators bring our properties to life with their friendly faces, high energy, and creative ideas for resident events. Here is what our staff had to say about these JMC Rockstar Employees:

"Gregg was hired in June with no experience in leasing. He was quick to catch on and has been a superstar at Union & West. He is eager to learn and always willing to help out. He has been training a new leasing consultant and taking on a larger role at the property. He is an asset to Union & West and JMC."  

Gregg, leasing consultant at Union & West, standing by the pool
Gregg Pullan, Leasing Consultant at Union & West

"Michelle has been amazing and super helpful since I started at MIO. Watching her in action and securing rental after rental is inspiring and amazing to witness each time. Always sweet and upbeat. Michelle rocks!"

Michelle, leasing agent at Mio
Michelle Grier, Leasing Consultant at Mio Weymouth

"Sarah has only been at 50 West Broadway for a few months full time and the energy in the office has been amazing ever since- she engages with every resident who comes in, is constantly eager and willing to learn and take on new responsibilities, and have you seen our social media (all thanks to her)?! ROCKSTAR- she is constantly thinking of new ways to keep us trendy in the competitive city market- Sarah has been an incredible addition and we are so lucky and grateful to have her!"

Sarah, leasing agent at The Residences on Broadway, sitting in the clubroom
Sarah Marinho, Leasing Consultant at The Residences on Broadway

Wendy Perez, Older Adults Program Coordinator at Pelham Lifelong Learning Center, "Always goes the extra mile at work with positive vibes!"

Headshot of Wendy Perez, Adults Program Coordinator at Pelham
Wendy Perez, Adults Program Coordinator at Pelham Lifelong Learning Center

"Dominique is always willing to go above and beyond her expectations for the youth and adult members of the Pelham Apartments Community. She organizes daily activities for the youth and for the adults, including homework help, arts and crafts, ESL, Money Management workshops and so much more!"

Headshot of Dominique, Resident Services Coordinator at Pelham
Dominique Torres, Resident Services Coordinator at Pelham Apartments

"Samantha is always on the go helping occupants in time and need. Our staff at Amherst Park in Nashua, NH is proud to have her as part of our team."

Samantha, Resident Services Coordinator, sitting outside of Amherst Park
Samantha Barritt, Resident Services Coordinator at Amherst Park

Leasing consultants and resident service and program coordinators are part of what makes each of our communities so unique and special. Our staff is devoted to their residents in order to make their communities feel like home. Thank you to all of our leasing consultants and resident coordinators for your extraordinary efforts! 

TRIVIA: Let's bring it back to leasing training 101! What is the saying to remember DQWNAFS when speaking to prospects on the phone? Bonus: List the all of the words associated with DQWNAFS!

Mar 11, 2022

Employee Appreciation for Maintenance!

Thank you for the contributions to the previous trivia question. The question asked readers to name at least 4 out of the 6 politicians who have attended ground breaking or grand opening ceremonies held at John M. Corcoran & Co. lease-up properties in the last 15 years. The politicians were: Former Selectman Jay Ash at Parkside Commons, Former Mayor Thomas Menino at 50 West BroadwayGovernor Charlie Baker at The Commons at SouthField HighlandsMayor Bob Hedlund at The Commons at SouthField HighlandsLieutenant Governor Karyn Polito at The Heights Amesbury, and Former Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo at Station Row.

Round of Applause for Maintenance!

March 4th marked Employee Appreciation Day and John M. Corcoran & Company is celebrating company-wide. The Corcoran Connections Committee put together a variety of gift options for employees to choose from as a token of gratitude for our staff. Employees got to choose from a portable speaker, a backpack, a tumbler, or a water bottle which are all customized with the new company logo. We are all very excited to put in our orders and show off our new swag!

Employee Appreciation Day

Portable speaker, water bottles, and backpack with new JMC logo

Corcoran Connections has also collected a list of nominations for 'JMC Rockstars' to keep the spirit of employee appreciation alive beyond March 4th. The committee opened the floor to the company to submit nominations to shine the spotlight on our unsung heroes. We would like to introduce members of our maintenance teams nominated as JMC Rockstars!

Andrew Fisher, a member of the maintenance crew at Redbrook Apartments, is all about attention to detail. "Andrew goes above and beyond for our property. Overtime is never an issue when it comes to Andrew's work ethic. When a work order is put in, within the hour Andrew is calling to follow up and make sure it is complete. When we started our 10 C's inspections, the next day Andrew had a paint brush in hand banging out all the corrective action work orders. Andrew has been with the company a little shy of a year and his dedication to our property, residents and team will take him far within JMC. If there's anyone more deserving, it's Andrew Fisher!"

Andrew, maintenance member from Redbrook Apartments
Andrew Fisher, Redbrook Apartments

Kenneth Rodriguez, a member of the maintenance team at Canterbury Towers is a JMC Rockstar for, "Going above and beyond the expectations in his job." Keep up the great work, Kenneth!

Kenneth, maintenance member at Canterbury Towers
Kenneth Rodriguez, Canterbury Towers

Michael Cullinan, maintenance assistant at Village Green is, "Super friendly and pleasant to be around, great with maintenance issues and always does his best! A great member of our team, for sure!" Be sure to say hello next time you see him around!

Mike, maintenance member of The Commons at Boston Road
Michael Cullinan, Village Green

"Manny Costa is one of the maintenance guys at Mass Mills in Lowell, MA. Manny has been coming to my site at Skyline Commons in Dracut, MA for the past few months to help out with my maintenance department as I have been short staffed. Manny has been a huge help with Skyline Commons and never complains about what you give him. He is by far one of the best maintenance guys I have worked with. He is very knowledgeable and very hard working. Thank you, Manny, for your help and all of Mass Mills management for letting me have him." Teamwork truly makes the dreamwork! 

Manny Costa, maintenance tech, standing next to a fireplace
Manny Costa, Mass Mills & Skyline Commons

Maintenance plays an integral role in the daily operations of all our communities and it does not go unnoticed. Thank you for your dedication in taking care of our residents and our properties everyday, we could not do it without you!

TRIVIA: How many gallons of water does replacing typical sink faucets with water sense model faucets save per year? *Hint: You can find the answer in a previous blog post!

Mar 2, 2022

Union 346 Coming Soon to Somverville!

 Thank you to everyone who participated with guesses for the trivia question on the last post as it is the newest feature of the blog! The first trivia question asked, What was the make of the vehicle used as a marketing tool during lease-up at Parkside Commons? The answer was a Toyota Prius!

Toyota Prius car wrapped in green, white, and pink with Parkside Commons advertising

Union 346 Coming Soon to Somerville!

John M. Corcoran and Company is developing the first phase of Union 346 located on Somerville Avenue in Union Square. This brand-new community will feature 94 studio and one-bedroom apartment homes with retail space on the ground floor, all coming available in late 2022. The retail space is a great opportunity for a local business to thrive in and be supported by our residents. Union 346 will have luxury amenity spaces including a fitness center, outdoor green space, resident lounges, bike storage, a rooftop lounge, and a dog washing station. However, the greatest amenity of all at Union 346 is the location.   

Exterior image of Union 346 building with framing
Framing Progress on Phase I of Union 346

Union 346 is in the midst of the USQ Redevelopment project that aims to revitalize Somerville and provide greater accessibility to downtown Boston and Cambridge through smart growth. According to an article recently written in the Boston Globe, the new green line extension to Union Square will officially open on March 21, 2022. This will allow Somerville to play a more significant role in the expansion of Boston's flourishing innovation hub. This brand-new MBTA stop will be less than a mile away from Union 346 making daily commutes quick and convenient for our residents.   

Exterior image from the rooftop of Union 346 overlooking construction for Phase II with city skyline in background
View from the Roof of Union 346 Overlooking the Beginnings of Phase II 

Phase II of the project will feature 59 more apartment homes including studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. This building will feature co-working space that is perfect for residents working remotely. This gives residents the option to keep work and home separate without having to leave the comfort of their building! Phase II is slated to become available in 2023.

All apartments will feature stainless steel appliances and chic modern finishes. Union 346 has been designed with unique urban flare as one of the newest apartment buildings in Somerville and we cannot wait to showcase the final product! 

City skyline view from the roof of Union 346
Stunning City Views from the Union 346 Roof Deck

Trivia: Name at least 4 out of the 6 politicians who have attended ground breaking or grand opening ceremonies held at John M. Corcoran & Co. lease-up properties in the last 15 years. These could be governors, lieutenant governors, selectmen, and/or mayors.

                                                Comment below to submit your guess!

Feb 16, 2022

The Perpetual Pursuit of Excellence

John M. Corcoran & Company prioritizes the needs of our residents to give them the most enjoyable living experience possible. We continue to hold our staff to a high standard in order to provide exceptional service everyday which has been central to our success since our inception 70 years ago. John M. Corcoran & Company was recently awarded for last year's performance in satisfaction surveys by SatisFacts and ApartmentRatings. This is a great honor to achieve despite all of the challenges the company has faced throughout the pandemic.

John M. Corcoran & Company was the recipient of the SatisFacts Community Award for 2021. This award is earned through exceptional performance in customer satisfaction reported by our residents. 

The following properties earned the SatisFacts Community Award for 2021Beverly Commons, Kimball Court, Lynnfield Commons, MetroMark, Parkside Commons, Quincy Commons, Skyline Commons, Stone Run East Apartments, The Commons at SouthField Highlands, The Ledges, The Mastlight, Weymouth Commons Apartments, Halstead Abington, One Newport, Oxford Apartments, Station Square, and Union & West Apartments. Each of these properties earned a 4.00 overall score for Annual or Insite with a minimum of 25 completed surveys in order to achieve this award.   

Exterior Image of MetroMark in Jamaica Plain

Exterior mage and landscaping at Quincy Commons

Exterior image of Station Square in Mansfield

John M. Corcoran & Company was also the recipient of the ApartmentRatings Community Award for 2021. This is earned for exceptional performance in customer satisfaction reported by our residents. 

Exterior image of an apartment building at Skyline Commons in Dracut

Exterior image of Renaissance Station North building in Attleboro

Exterior image of pool and apartment building at The Commons at SouthField Highlands in Weymouth

Thank you not only to our staff for their efforts in making these communities feel like home, but also to all of our residents for sharing your positive living experiences with us!

TRIVIA: What was the make of the vehicle used as a marketing tool during lease-up at Parkside Commons

*BONUS: What was the model of the car?*

Feb 8, 2022

Spreading the Love

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, we would like to showcase all the love that John M. Corcoran & Company has for our residents! Our properties host resident events on a regular basis so residents can get to know one another and interact with the staff in fun and creative environments. We believe this is an integral part to making all of our communities truly feel like home. 

Our leasing consultants are constantly extending their appreciation for their residents. Weymouth Commons wanted to celebrate National Popcorn Day by handing out bags of popcorn and soda to residents. The leasing team even went the extra mile and got 3 different kinds of popcorn so all of the residents could choose their favorites! Who can say no to the perfect snack to munch on during movie night?

Beverly CommonsShrewsbury Commons, and The Heights Amesbury are all getting into the holiday spirit with their Valentine's Day events coming up. Beverly Commons is making goodie bags full of sweet treats ready for residents to pick up in the clubhouse. 

Shrewsbury Commons is running a "guess how many" challenge. The leasing staff is asking residents how many marshmallow hearts are in the jar. The resident with the closest guess will receive a prize. Shrewsbury Commons is also going to hand out chocolate bombs to their residents, because no resident should be without chocolate on Valentine's Day

The Heights Amesbury is ready to extend the love this holiday brings with their four-legged residents! You can check out leasing consultant, Bill, making sure the photo booth has the perfect aesthetic for their furry friends' closeups. The Heights Amesbury is providing snacks, gifts, and photo contest prizes from Paws Pet Boutique in Amesbury during this event. Our properties love connecting with local businesses to host all of these fantastic resident events that are unique to each community. 

Parkside Commons Serving up Doughnuts

Resident Event Flyer for The Ledges 

Parkside Commons and The Ledges Weymouth certainly know how to win over the hearts of their residents. What better way to connect than over food? Both communities bought doughnuts and hot chocolate to show their appreciation for their residents. Dunkin Donuts is definitely a hard one to pass up!

Although John M. Corcoran & Company properties host resident events all year, Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to celebrate the love for our residents even more! Thank you for being part of what makes all of our communities so special.  

Feb 4, 2022

Kudos to Maintenance

John M. Corcoran & Company holds a high standard when it comes to providing the best service possible to all of our residents. This means that we ensure all residents have direct access to the maintenance team in order to meet their needs on a daily basis. However, the responsibilities of our maintenance teams do not stop there. Each team has a set of tasks that it runs through daily to keep every community in excellent shape. John M. Corcoran & Company recently implemented the 10 C's of Corcoran policy to maintain exceptional performance and appearance across the portfolio. The policy includes weekly blast survey forms to encourage greater accountability. We believe that these procedures are crucial in contributing to the overall success of each property. 

The Heights Amesbury did an excellent job reporting in throughout the bombogenesis storm and capturing the maintenance team hard at work. However, the staff took advantage of the poor conditions by having some fun in the snow while making a video for the property Instagram page. If you have not seen it yet, be sure to check it out under the handle @theheightsamesbury! Rich, Mike, and Dicky do such excellent work with snow removal and it does not go unnoticed. A resident even commented on an Instagram post stating, "They do an amazing job. As I've said before, I could walk around in flip flops." What a compliment!

A member of the maintenance team shoveling snow at The Heights Amesbury

A member of the maintenance team pushing a snow blower at The Heights Amesbury
The Heights Amesbury Maintenance Team in the Midst of Bombogenesis

Our maintenance teams are always attentive in keeping the grounds neat and clean around the clock.  Check out this action shot of Tom from Millside at Heritage Park! Be sure to stop and say hello if you catch him in the halls or thank him for his constant efforts to keep the community in such great condition.

Maintenance Manager of Millside at Heritage Park vacuuming the hallway

Redbrook Apartments celebrated their maintenance team's efforts with a 'Happy Maintenance Monday' post on Instagram. The caption stated, "Happy Maintenance Monday! Our two man team deserves a shout out for all the hard work they do to keep our community running! Bill and Andrew sure play an important role here at Redbrook Apartments each day. Share an experience in the comments below a time our maintenance team has provided you with exceptional maintenance service." One resident commented, "Bill came in on a Sunday to fix my door he knew exactly what to do. He is pleasant, helpful, kind and Whiskey (my Cavapoo) just loves him, five stars."

Two members of the maintenance team at Redbrook Apartments
Andrew and Bill from Redbrook Apartments

Union & West also snapped a photo to thank their maintenance team for keeping the walkways clean and safe for their residents. The 10 C's survey blast for this week pertains to snow removal from the most recent storm. Each community was asked how it would rate snow cleanup efforts on a scale of one star to five stars. Next, each community has to submit photographic evidence of the front entrance, the parking lots, and all of the walkways to submit to the 10 C's committee. By the looks of it, Union & West is going to pass with flying colors for snow removal efforts this week! 

Member of the maintenance team snow blowing at Union & West
Member of the Maintenance Team at Union & West

Our maintenance teams do so much to give our residents a superior living experience so please be sure to thank them for their daily efforts as they play a crucial role in making these communities feel like home!