Nov 30, 2021

CMC's Holiday Kickoff

Corcoran Management Company began the holiday season with different acts of kindness across all of our properties. All of our staff and residents possess such a great sense of community and they conveyed their thanks through several outlets of giving throughout the last few weeks.

3 employees standing together from the residences on Broadway for a Thanksgiving post

The entire staff from Faxon Commons standing together for a Thanksgiving post
Staff from Faxon Commons wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Several of the properties collected Thanksgiving food donations for local food pantries so everyone could celebrate the day with their favorite traditional dishes. Staff and residents from Weymouth Commons and Stone Run East Apartments collected donations for Weymouth Food Pantry's Thanksgiving food drive. Parkside Commons also collected several bags worth of food to donate to The Greater Boston Food Bank. Station Square residents filled bins with donations for the Mansfield Food Pantry and the Mansfield Animal Shelter as our furry friends deserve to indulge in their own Thanksgiving feast too!   

Many properties expressed how thankful they are for their residents. One Wall Street staff even bought some sweet treats and festive accompaniments for their residents to show their gratitude. 

Halstead Manchester ran a Thanksgiving contest for residents to fill out a coloring page and write about what they are thankful for this year and the winner will receive a special prize. The staff also picked up some coffee, juice, and delicious pastries for their residents to recover and recharge after the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday shopping.

Cupcakes and cookies at One Wall St with Thanksgiving napkins for residents

Halstead Manchester's Thanksgiving coloring page contest

Coffee, Orange juice, and pastries for residents at Halstead Manchester

The Mastlight has seen the flow of packages starting to increase with Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales fueling the start of the gift giving season. The staff assembled a great grab-and-go basket for delivery drivers to thank them for their extraordinary efforts, especially during this time of year.   

Basket of snacks and waters and a sign stating "thank you delivery drivers"

Here at Corcoran Management Company we are thankful for our colleagues, our residents, and our communities that make this company so special. 

Are you looking for a vibrant community that wants to celebrate and give thanks by your side? You can end your apartment hunt now and join us today! Please see our website to see which location and apartment home best suits your needs. 

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Nov 22, 2021

CMC Supports Caritas Communities' 36th Annual Gala

Corcoran Management Company has supported Caritas Communities since its founding by P. Leo Corcoran in 1985 who was also a partner in Corcoran Management Company at the time. The inception of Caritas Communities stems from Leo's concern for the increasing rate of homelessness in the Greater Boston in the 80s. The word caritas is a Latin word defined as, "Christian love of humankind; charity". This is the perfect word to describe not only this organization as it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, but also Leo himself as he had a passion to help humankind. 

Caritas Communities Logo of a green and blue house

P. Leo Corcoran started Caritas Communities in the effort to alleviate homelessness and to aid in the prevention of this issue in the future. According to the Caritas Communities website, "Mr. Corcoran organized a Board of Directors who shared his belief that homelessness could be prevented through affordable housing. The Board chose the Single Room Occupancy (SRO) as its housing model with a focus on low- and extremely low-income working people. Conceptually, the Board felt that if Caritas were able to offer housing that was newly renovated, well managed and geared to meet the needs of the residents, then a stable living environment could be created for people who couldn’t make a living wage." Leo had a unique vision to specifically address low-income individuals who do not have access to affordable housing otherwise. He designed Caritas to support motivated working individuals who will use Caritas as the first stepping stone away from homelessness and toward a stable lifestyle with consistent shelter and support.  

P. Leo Corcoran portrait photo
P. Leo Corcoran, Founder of Caritas Communities

The first Caritas property is located in Quincy, MA and it continues to serve residents today. However, the portfolio of residences has grown to 30 locations across the Boston area which house over 1,000 individuals. This organization has brought thousands of people out of homelessness and into a place that they can call home. 

Caritas Communities Property in Quincy, MA
The First Caritas Property Located in Quincy, MA

Caritas Communities celebrated its 36th anniversary with its annual gala that was held on a virtual platform this year. The live-stream program involved the recognition of the P. Leo Corcoran Humanitarian Honoree, hearing the story of a Caritas resident, as well as a live auction to raise money for the organization. Quincy Miller, the President of Eastern Bank, was the 2021 recipient of the P. Leo Corcoran Humanitarian award for his efforts to help those who are less fortunate. Miller has dedicated his time to focus on the intersections of racial equity and income inequality through professional and personal volunteering efforts which are noted on the Caritas Communities website

Quincy Miller, President of Eastern Bank, portrait photo
Quincy Miller, President of Eastern Bank

The Caritas resident gave a moving speech about his experience of homelessness and his transition into a stable living environment in his Caritas home. He was taken off the streets of Boston and given a room that he was able to call his own. He received support from resident services to get back on his feet and now he has a job with a steady income and benefits as well as a place to come home to. He even saved up his money to get his license and buy his very own car. This goes to show that Caritas Communities has the incredible ability to turn people's lives around.   

Caritas Communities Statistics
Statistics Collected by Caritas Communities

Although the gala could not be held in person, Caritas sent a gourmet dinner box to every person who registered to attend. Each box was made for two people so each guest could invite a friend to join them to celebrate the occasion together. The outstanding dinner box was catered by Max Ultimate Food and it included a delicious first course of a salad and housemade breadsticks that guests could munch on at the start of the event. The entrees consisted of several mouthwatering options such as seared filets of Halibut, wood grilled beef tenderloin, shaved king oysters, or seared cauliflower steaks accompanied with a bottle of Gnarly Head wine. The gourmet meal concluded with curried carrot cake with cream cheese mousse for dessert. This effort highlights how much Caritas cares about its supporters just as much its residents which makes it such a wonderful organization to be a part of.

The ongoing success of Caritas Communities lies in its dedicated supporters who share Leo's goal to prevent homelessness. Please click here if you would like to take the opportunity to aid in the effort to prevent homelessness because everyone deserves a place to call home. 

Are you looking to work for a company that has a passion for helping humankind? Visit our careers page and become a member of our Corcoran community today! 

Nov 15, 2021

CMC's Momentous Manager's Meeting Marking 70 Years!

Corcoran Management Company just held it's annual Manager's Meeting last week at the Four Points by Sheraton in Norwood. However, this was no ordinary meeting because it marked a momentous occasion as the company celebrated it's seventieth year of business. The day began with a welcome introduction by Kevin Young, the President of Management, as well as Nancy Gaudet, the Vice President of Management. 

Participating staff members being recognized on stage

President of management giving intro speech on stage
Kevin Young, President of Management

Vice President of Management giving an introduction speech on stage
Nancy Gaudet, Vice President of Management

Cynthia Buckley, the Director of Sales and Marketing, spoke about the history of Corcoran Management Company as it never fails to acknowledge the roots of its humble beginnings. The company was founded in 1951 by John M. Corcoran who quickly partnered with his brother P. Leo Corcoran and they became a dynamic duo as pioneers in the real estate industry. Although John and Leo have passed, they continue to be beacons of light that ignite our company's passion to succeed in this field.

Manager speaking about company history on stage
Cynthia Buckley, Director of Sales and Marketing

Managers gathered at a table as they listen to speeches

Employees also had the opportunity to hear from Connie Podesta as the motivational keynote speaker for the event. She touched on aspects of leadership management and the value of understanding different personality types. She emphasized that everyone on a team should feel willing and able to do their job which ultimately results in greater levels of performance and success. Connie helped us get to know the strengths and weaknesses of our own personalities, whether we liked to hear them or not! Connie made us realize that we all need each other to make a great team regardless of how different we all may be.

Connie Podesta on stage as the keynote speaker

Connie Podesta on stage with the Portfolio Directors
Connie Podesta with the Portfolio Directors

The Portfolio Directors presented a new policy called the '10 C's' of Corcoran to ensure that all of our properties look crisp, clean and professional for our prospects on a daily basis. We aim for perfection when it comes to serving our current and future residents and that starts with consistency. This policy will hold all properties accountable in order to maintain a desirable living environment for all. 

Portfolio Director giving speech on stage about a new policy
Chris Butkovich, Portfolio Director

Manager listening to speeches

Employees spent the latter half of the day learning about more management tactics in four different breakout sessions. The 'How to Build Your Dream Team' session paired nicely with aspects of Connie's speech as it focused on the significance of each manager's role and the responsibilities that come with it. However, managers must work together with their teams in order to improve efficiency and performance. Anna Nasab, Jaime Wight, and Jeanmarie O'Brien taught us about open communication, alignment, creativity and innovation, ownership, organization, competencies, accomplishment, and learning, sharing, and caring through the team development wheel that they created. The team encouraged managers to come up to spin the wheel and tell the group about one of their work experiences that related to the topic they landed on.

Three Managers who led 'How to Build Your Dream Team' session
Anna Nasab, Jaime Wight, and Jeanmarie O'Brien

Manager spinning the team development wheel

The 'Maintenance Musts' session was led by Gary Saltmarsh, Director of Maintenance Operations. Gary, Jeff Callahan, and Chuck Miles discussed important topics such as the bidding protocol, billing, safety, incident reports, snow removal, leak logs, training, work orders, and preventative maintenance to keep our properties in tip top shape.

Manager with folder speaking at 'Maintenance Musts' session
Gary SaltmarshDirector of Maintenance Operations

Managers listening in at breakout session

The third session called, 'Technical Difficulties', was interactive and managers could choose what technological tips and tricks they wanted to learn about. Sebastian Quevedo and Jim Krotz focused on sharing tips for Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Cybersecurity

Managers looking a projector playing an interactive game in a session
Jim Krotz, Affordable Systems Manager, and Sebastian Quevedo, Digital Marketing Manager

The final session was all about 'Community Connection' and how significant it is to have a strong social media presence and to host fun resident events throughout the year. These efforts maintain resident engagement which leads to greater retention and also draws in new prospects.

Three managers speaking at 'Community Connections' session
Jenna Canava, Amber Lena, and Kelli Ahearn-Lucas

The day came to a close as managers were able to relax and enjoy happy hour to commend them for their constant efforts to improve this company just as John and Leo would have wanted.  

Four managers gathered together at happy hour

Two managers together at the happy hour

A special thank you to our staff members who spent countless hours thoughtfully preparing for every aspect of this event. The day was a great success as it left our managers feeling empowered and ready to take their teams to the next level with all of the advice and guidance that they received. Another thank you to the staff at Four Points Sheraton for providing such a wonderful venue, delicious food, and excellent service.  

Do you strive to be a part of a company that values exceptional leadership management? Take a look at our careers page to become a member of our team today! Check out our communities page to experience what it is like to live in a home managed by a team who prides itself on outstanding service. 

Nov 8, 2021

Happy Corcor-ween!

 Corcoran Management Company was in the Halloween spirit with events across all of the properties and even the corporate headquarter office got in on the fun with the companywide Corcor-ween Costume Contest. Many of the properties hosted an array of spooky events for their residents to participate in. Several properties gave out goodie bags and even had jars of candy corn on display so residents had the opportunity to guess how many pieces were in the jar and the resident with the closest guess received a prize. The Commons at Boston Road held a Trunk-Or-Treat event and the resident with the best decorated trunk was awarded a gift card. The Mastlight knew that their four-legged residents wanted to celebrate Halloween too so they organized a pet costume contest. 50 West Broadway hosted a Halloween Cocktail Hour with cider doughnuts and beverages which was a great opportunity for residents to get to know each other. Corcoran Management Company creates an enjoyable environment that encourages residents to gather and celebrate together as a community across all of our properties.    

Table with Halloween decorations and a jar of candy corn to guess how many are in it

"Guess How Many" Contest at Southfield Commons

Open trunk decorated with pumpkins, balloons, and goodie bags of Halloween candy

Trunk-Or-Treat at The Commons at Boston Road

Golden Retriever dressed as Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles

Pet Halloween Costume Winner from The Mastlight
Chapin Dressed as Michelangelo from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Residents gathered together for cocktail hour in the community lounge

Halloween Cocktail Hour at 50 West Broadway

The CMC staff had the opportunity to get creative and (competitive!) for the Costume Contest. Employees posed in their Halloween best and submitted their photos in the hopes to win a prize. The winning costumes were categorized for Best Overall, the Scariest, and the Most Original. The Oxford Apartments staff was awarded with Best Overall for their pest control costumes. The marketing department from the corporate office was voted the Most Original with their costumes from Mario Kart. Faxon Commons recreated a scene from the movie Psycho while The Mastlight staff dressed up with masks from The Purge and both properties were awarded with the Scariest costumes. 

Oxford Apartments, Best Overall

Employees dressed up as characters from Mario Kart in racecars for Halloween

Marketing Team, Most Original

Man fixing a toilet with woman scaring him behind the shower curtain covered in fingerprints with blood for Halloween

Faxon Commons, Scariest

Employees dressed in masks from the movie The Purge with signs saying "rent is due"

The Mastlight, Scariest 

Corcoran Management Company creates a fun and entertaining atmosphere at all times of the year for our residents. Take a tour at one of our communities today and celebrate your next holiday with us!