Nov 14, 2014

Partnering to End Homelessness with Caritas Communities!

For nearly 30 years, John M. Corcoran & Corcoran Management Company have been a driving force in working to end homelessness and to provide stable and affordable housing for those who are less fortunate. CMC is proud to be a leading partner and sponsor of Caritas Communities, a non-profit organization that owns and manages 29 residential properties and homes throughout the Greater Boston area that offer a place for those struggling with homelessness to be able to call home. On Thursday November 13th, Caritas held its annual end of the year fundraiser dinner and gala at the Sheraton Boston. As is the case with many non-profits today, Caritas faces challenges when it comes to fundraising and meeting the growing demand of those in need of emergency assistance. Last night’s dinner, like years past, was a tremendous success in raising money to provide shelter, food, educational programs, clothing, and much more for those in need.

Each year, at least two individuals whose lives have been changed for the better by Caritas deliver a speech in front of 800+ people, not an easy task for even the most confident of public speakers. The stories they tell of tragedy, abuse, neglect, and resiliency within their own journey shows the true meaning and importance of Caritas and the work they do.

Corcoran communities throughout the Boston area are currently accepting a number of items to be donated to the residents of Caritas Communities. Items that are in the highest of demand this winter season include winter clothing, socks, undershirts, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, and face and hand towels. We would like to thank all who donate and continue to improve the quality of life for those who call Caritas home! 


Nov 7, 2014

Some Simple Ideas for Saving Space in a Small Apartment!

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. As apartment homes continue to be on the rise throughout urban areas, layouts change and overall square footage appears to be shrinking. Why this new trend you ask? As more people continue to flock to cities around the country, demand for affordable apartments is on the rise. Smaller apartments present a cheaper option for young professionals to live in. To maximize the quality and space of your (smaller) apartment home, we provide a list below courtesy of BuzzFeed of ideas on how to get the most out of your space.

1. Place a curtain around the bed - it provides tranquility and gives a nook-like feeling to your sleeping quarters

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2. If your workspace only needs a laptop, use simply a bookshelf instead of a desk - you can use a shelf near a bed or a table and it will serve as a natural desk

3. Use your TV as a "mental wall" to form a separation between your living space and bedroom area - combined with an accent wall this will give a perfect "invisible wall" feel to your apartment

photo credit: flickr - beachrepublic

4. Opt for sliding doors for closets and bathrooms - rather than the doors that swing out and take up space, you could choose doors that will slide for you and not tie up space

5. Put your sofa against the bed - aside from the space saving, you could line your flat-screen TV up so that while in bed you can also watch it.