Sep 5, 2014

Happy Football Season!!!!!

The first Thursday after Labor Day has taken on a new meaning over the years, and in-turn, a holiday has been created on this fabulous day. Today marks the beginning of a twenty-one week odyssey leading up to a date with destiny in the Arizona desert in early February, this journey begins tonight as the NFL kicks-off! The defending champion Seahawks will defend their title against their rival NFC foe the Packers at 8:30 tonight in the Emerald City. While we won’t be offering advice on which Tight End to start on your bye week, we are giving you some good tips to enjoy your Sundays (as well as Thursday or Monday nights) to the max!

Food has you covered for tailgate style platters to entertain a party of twenty or treat you and a couple friends. What’s the go-to: buffalo chicken dip. Utilizing a crock pot, shredded chicken, hot sauce, and your choice of cheese, buffalo chicken will never disappoint. If cooking in a crock pot look to prepare it well before kickoff as it can take up to a few hours to thoroughly cook. Another good dipping option to explore is guacamole.

Resources at Your Finger Tips

How many catches does Calvin Johnson have? Did Giovani Bernard outscore Shane Vereen? Fantasy football is now a billion dollar industry each year, and those who play it want the stats the minute they happen. When enjoying Sunday NFL action on your couch be sure to fully charge your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and many of the other top fantasy platforms all have mobile apps that let you see how you stack up against your friends.

The TV DOES Matter

If anyone ever tries to tell you that there is no difference between a 45” TV and a 50” you should simply look them in the eye, and shake your head in disbelief. When it comes to your Sunday football viewing pleasure you need every inch possible. As technology continues to grow and become more advance, it requires that consumers keep up with it. Higher aspect ratios and evolving screen dimension change every year now, and some older TV’s don’t have the capability to keep up and the game might look distorted. Cheap, yet technologically advanced TV’s can be bought for a reasonable price at retailers both online and in-person.

Cherish the next twenty-one plus weeks of football folks. We hope you enjoy the ride, we certainly will!