Sep 16, 2013

Gearing Up for October!

With a little less than 3 weeks remaining in the MLB regular season, our beloved Red Sox lead the AL East by a whopping 9.5 games over the Tampa Bay Rays! If you had said that same sentence one year ago today, good chance someone would think you are downright crazy. Believe it or not, its realty, and the gravity-like pull of postseason baseball in October has officially arrived in Boston. 

A team of hard-working and dedicated "beardmen" have served as the foundation of a team that currently holds the best record in all of baseball. Players considered by many fans as "not having enough heart" have been replaced with ballplayers who treat every game like its their last. Players like Jonny Gomes, Mike Carp, Mike Napoli, and Daniel Nava have brought back the blue-collar attitude that had been missing in years past. The Red Sox should wrap up their division championship within the next few days, and if all the stars align they could have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs! 

Get ready for what should be a fun October throughout New England. Thousands will flock to Fenway Park braving polar-like temperatures for a chance to see the old ball club hoist it's 8th World Series championship. All of us at Corcoran Management will be following along with every pitch. Stay tuned for what should be an eventful and exciting month in Boston. 

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