Aug 23, 2013

The Patriots are Back, and so are Your Sunday Appetizer Favorites!

Last night the 3rd preseason game for our NewEngland Patriots was played. It may have been an ugly one, but have no fear, as a brutal defeat will only benefit Tom and the boys down the road. It does however mean that Fall Sundays are right around the corner! With Sundays during the fall, comes LOTS of delicious and tasty appetizers to entertain your Sunday tailgate or living room football party. There aren’t many better things than watching Tom Brady lead the Pats on a 90-yard drive while devouring some loaded nachos with buffalo chicken dip. How about a fresh, and spicy bite of avocado salsa for when Aqib Talib makes a pick-6 over the middle of the field.

Sundays during the fall are the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax with friends and family while enjoying foods that everyone can attest to as “delicious”.  The day and age of having to physically go to the game to experience it are over. New technology and innovation brings the sights, sounds, and access you can get from the sidelines right into your living room. Whether in your apartment, your own home, or a local bar, you’re never far from the action. We here at Corcoran Management can’t wait for the Patriots and NFL season to kick-off. Here are 50 fantastic recipes that are perfect to whip-up for the diehards on Sundays!

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